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Portrait of a Song ‚ Maybe Baby’

‘Falling in love with you was like learning all the words to a new favorite song’


I also wrote this song back in August 2018 and it’s the most personal one that I have written so far.

‘Maybe Baby’ originally called ‘Song of 2 Hearts’ talks about finding the first true love and getting your heart broken in the worst way.

The Story:

‘Maybe Baby’ is one of my Songs that hits me every time I play the first chords. Because when you first listen to it – it sounds so innocent and pure like when you first fall in love with someone and really think that it’s going to work out. But the next time when you really listen to the words this fantasy slowly crumbles and you wonder where it went wrong.

‘Cause I felt like I’ve known all the words by heart for my whole life..’

I met this person when I least expected it. I wasn’t looking for love or a relationship at that time but then I met him and it changed my view on things.

I think it was the first time that I was really in love.

‘ Being with you was like, realizing all I ever wanted was right there in front of me’

Just like in any relationship you learn new things about the person you’re with but also about yourself. For the first time I was asking myself what is it that I want and I learned to love myself and accept myself more and more each day that we were together.

I think that’s why I felt so lost when it ended.

Because I didn’t just lose him but also a big part of myself.

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