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Portrait of a Song - AUGUST

Aktualisiert: 13. Jan. 2020

‚I still wear that necklace that I bought on that market back in August.’


I wrote this song back in August 2018 and it’s the last song on the EP ‘The idea of Us’ coming out on the 14th of February 2020.

It talks about the ending of a Friendship that’s still very close to my heart. The Story is set in Ireland Connemara where I visit my Grandma almost every Year just this time it was different…

The Start:

I met this person at the beginning of last year and things got twisted pretty quickly. It was that kind of relationship where you only notice at the End how much it changed you and what impact this person had on you.

It was delicate, fragile and it felt like walking on a tightrope one step wrong and you would fall into the unknown on the other hand it was beautiful, refreshing and exiting almost addictive in some way.

‘…and I hate myself for not telling you how I really felt’

The rush:

He quickly became a big like almost major someone in my Life.

Through him I met the most fascinating people that I’ve ever seen and who changed me in ways I never thought of.

And I love him for that.

Cause he lured me out of my comfort zone (in which I used to like staying in since its comfy and warm and known) and showed me the world with eyes of a child. Very innocent, wild and in certain ways a little bit naïve.

You easily get caught up in his rush and so did I.

Another thing is that we never really talked about our feelings.

He lived them I thought them but we both never really allowed ourselves to feel them which maybe was our fade and later on lead to our downfall.

‘Do you remember the last night that you fell asleep to nothing but my heartbeat…’

The End:

Things ended as abruptly as they began.

He met someone (I did too throughout the story) and I think the same thing happened to him.

She changed him to a person I wouldn’t recognize anymore.

And that’s the sad thing you know, because we didn’t fight had a big fallout with a following break up nor just outgrew each other.

No-we simply became strangers in a matter of hours.

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